EKADWI- About Us

Eka Dwi

Synergy of Ethnic & Seasonless Fashion!

Eka Dwi is a mélange of ethnic and contemporary sensibilities.
We are a brand born out of the ethos of creating everyday staples that speak to modern, free-spirited women, keeping in mind the comfort and functionality of the garment and not restricting to seasonal trends.
Less is More!
Each piece of apparel designed is minimalistic in construction, a symphony of thoughtful detailing, fluid tailoring and functional styling.
Timeless, design-lead collection!
In today's time, the concept of work and leisure has become synonymous. A balance of both can be achieved through functional garments that are modern and timeless. This is what forms the basis of the brand's design ideology. Our collection can be worn in different ways and also, worn and re-worn for seasons to come.
 A lot of care goes into not only the end product but the process followed to achieve it. Every element used to create a piece is thoroughly inspected thus, making sure the final product meets quality standards.